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I am living proof that yoga can literally change your life. I started because I had a devastating and unexpected tragedy in my life. Something no one can ever fathom as a parent. With living every parent's worst nightmare, the only thing you can do is take it one step at a time, day by day and in the right direction of course. There is no cure for PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), I literally wake up every day and start all over again. I fill my life with outlets to deal with the stress of my loss & life's stresses.
Yoga its self in Sanskrit- the root is Yuj- it means Union; The union between ones soul and a supreme soul or being. Sanskrit; is the Ancient Indian language that is said to be around 10,000 years old.

In my practice I have completely understood that it is definitely something that becomes true in a dedicated practice of rigorous discipline.

This is how I found my true self, even though I needed more. I knew yoga was not solely enough to find my way, just the right step in the right direction.  Yoga is the foundation in which I live my life without pharmaceuticals...

The key discipline to reach all of the 8 limbs of yoga.

The eight limbs are;

Yama- Social Behaviors

Niyama- Inner Discipline

Asana- Physical Postures

Pranayama- Breath control or Vital Life Force

Pratyahrya- Discipline of the senses

Dharna- Concentration

Dhyana- Meditation

Samadhi- Self Realization

These 8 Limbs of Yoga come to you and make you whole and one with yourself and one with yourself and the universe around you, developing in to your Ultimate you. One asana/pose at a time. Leading you to Samadhi/Self Realization. 

The 8th Limb;

Nirbikalpa; means timeless, or changeless. This is the highest state of samadhi.

The autobiography of a YOGI Paramhansa Yogananda. "Samadhiis a superconscious state of ecstasy in which the yogi perceives the identity of soul and spirit."

Yoga and its benefits;

When I started I was in a hopeless state of mind. I could literally only do 5mins a day for months, but after few weeks I noticed a huge difference. I wanted more time with less days of the week that I looking practice. I built up my practice at 5mins a day with increases once a week, for over a few months. Although, I was in bad shape, and highly medicated (with no option) for PTSD.

Now 6 years later, these days, I of course still suffer from PTSD, but with my practice I am up to an hour and a 1/2 ​at most a day. If the day is really time constricted. I will split it up 45mins in the morning and 45mins later near bed time.  I practice 5-7 days a week.

*Granted on average 25mins a day or 1hr 3x a week is sufficient enough.

What happens is you automatically get the 8 limbs one by one bettering yourself as an all-around individual. Just by practicing it connects you to all aspects of your life that make up yourself and your life.

It detoxifies you by bringing the oxygen you breathe in to the cells, glands and organs. It allows the blood to flow and bring oxygen to each cell, this helps with detoxifying every cell in the body, and energizing you. 

It is said & I quote; "Energy Flows Where Attention Goes."

It is said "Yoga helps all mental and physical, mental, emotional, and Well-being."

Also "Stress is deadlier than disease. It makes us mentally and physically sick. It's harder to fix mental issues than to fix physical issues. Find ways to manage your mental issues by turning them physical. You can manage by not having any idyllic pastoral life..."

It's also said...

"You could have a fighting chance at finding your true self once you make that first step in to the right direction, leading you to your Ultimate you"

Join Us on one of my Journey Challenges. Join us in finding the real you with your mind, body, and spirit. It's as easy taking one step at a time in the right direction to the ultimate you.

The benefits of that first step even as tiny as a bit of stretching. Will make you feel as if you are heading somewhere great in such a short time.

Lets say we just start with a gentle stretch after we wake in the morning, us humans do this without thought, but the problem is we don't do this nearly enough. Why is this important? It's to wake the body by circulating more blood to our brain, organs, glands, allowing blood flow to cells, and raise our energy levels.

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