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Lack of motivation in percentages

Lack of Motivation in percentages. If 1 stretch a day, held for 16 seconds can take away 5% of your stress, doing 1 pose A-day for 5 days Would be 25% of your stress, that alleviated all your symptoms. So Now, Imagine 5 poses A-day For 5 days is over 100% of your stress relieved. Everyday you decide to put it off, could have been the day where you didn't feel the way you do now. Maybe you're tired, stressed, anxious, achy, bloated, dizzy, miserable, dis-eased... Dis-eased- hmmm... with out the dash it's diseased. When your body is not at ease it can cause disease. If you feel the way you do, it could likely be your energys stuck in places of your body that ail you. So, how would you know unless you try? Stress is deadlier than disease, because it can create it. Just breathing correctly can move these energies. It literally starts with a breath. 

More on yoga and Jennifer Rose. 

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