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video 1- Living with Ailments, 2 Week Journey. This Challenge is for those with Depression, Anxiety,

There is no cure here, just a nudge in the right direction. I want to help you take the small steps you need to take to understand your Ailment, to become more aware it is a part of you. Instead of only how it affects you.

Help yourself cope with the stresses of life day by day. One step at a time, one day at a time, So on and so on, till you reach the Ultimate You. Connecting you with yourself and help you better understand all that's inside you. Knowing all that makes you who you are.

Starting here with my introduction video.

Don't forget to blog your daily progress below...

All you have to do is meet me here every day for 2 weeks, for 10mins of light stretching with basic Hatha Yoga & 10mins of Meditation, as basic as this Yoga is, this 20mins a day will help you realize that 20mins of the day is just a little something for yourself and in your selfless rest of the 1,420mins in your day that you give to everyone else, is not so much the time that is the issue at all.

In 2 week's time it will be like nothing you have ever tried and have known to experience in you. These truly are the first set of small steps to the Ultimate You.

After the 2 weeks I can guarantee you will feel more inclined to bringing your practice up in time and less in days of the week.

Let's begin

Let's just remember we are not alone, there are others who suffer from ailments day by day as well. It is okay to start over everyday.

Coming together to blog about the experience of the practic and the ailments at hand, also the positive feedback could possibly help another take their first steps.

All questions can be emailed or asked on chat.

*Everyone should consult with their Doctor for any type of Exercise or Nutritonal change. I am not a Doctor. I am a Wellness Advocate. I am Certified. For more about me see my Yoga page or my Nutrition page for my Facebook group and page click the button bellow.

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