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Energy Healing

Energy Healing is one of the most effective ways to heal yourself.

As humans we exist in the 49th octave of vibration, of the electromagnetic light spectrum.

Chakra- Chakra means "Wheel" in Sanskrit & an actual chakra looks like a whirlpool in the front & the back, above & below of each Chakra center.

(more on Sanskrit in my Yoga page)

The glow of your energy is your Aura -

Front of your Energy field is all Feelings 

Back of your Energy filed is  your Will Power

Crown of your Energy field is your Mental 


Chakras are the energy centers of the body. Your body is your sacred vessel .

There are 7 Major Chakras

& there are also 21 Minor Chakras, but I will post more on the Minor Chakras topic in the near future...

Below is a list of Chakras, their Sanskrit name, where it's located, color, healing stones, element, aromatherapy, privilege, ailments, excessive energy & it's affects, outcome of when balanced. 

To start we start at the base; 

First is the

Root Chakra or Muladharda

Location- Base of pelvis

Color- Red & Black

Stones- smokey quarts, obsidian, dragons blood, hematite, bloodstone, black tourmaline, red jasper, garnet

-grounding & stability

Element- earth

Aromatherapy- cinnamon

Privilege- To  be or To have

Enhances-sexuality, fear, anxiety, dyslexia

Controls- the reproductive system, will power, self-worth, loyalty, patience, success, protection, grounding, stability in all aspects

Ailment- anxiety, bone disorders, financial instability, fear, hate, bowel, blood, chastity

2nd- Sacral or Svadhisthan

Location- Sacrum or pelvis

Color- orange

Stones- carnelian, golden , amber, moonstone

-emotions & relationships

Element- water

Aromatherapy- dragons blood

Privilege- To feel

Enhances & Controls-  sexual intimacy, creativity, energy, fertility, joint issues, pleasure, joy

Ailment- urinary track & kidneys, uterus, dehydration, hip, spleen, sexual & genital issues, guilt, fear

3rd- Solar Plexus or Manipura

Location- navel

Color- yellow

Stones- citrine, tiger's eye, calcite, sunstone

Element- fire

Aromatherapy- ginger

Privilege- To act

Enhances & Controls- creativity, vitality, will power, charisma, desire, low self of steam & low energy, humor, leadership, confidence, mental clarity

Ailment- rage & anger, liver, kidney, diabetes, fatigue, stomach issues, self-esteem issues

4th- Heart or Anahata

Location- Chest center

Color- Green or Pink

Stones- emerald, jade, rose quarts

Element- air

Aromatherapy- sage or herb

Privilege- To love

Enhances & Controls- healing, love, trust, empathy, self-acceptance, acceptance of life & the way it is & was meant to be, vulnerability, love & relationships

Ailment- anti- social, loneliness, heart, lung or chest issues, asthma, allergies

5th- Throat or Vissudha

Location- Throat

Color- blue

Stones- aquamarine, turquoise, blue tiger's eye

Element- sound

Aromatherapy- eucalyptus

Privilege- To express

Enhances & Controls- communication, expression, truth, voicing your self

Ailment- neck, back, shoulders, thyroid, dentil issues, lying, excessive chatter, spreading rumors, gossip

6th-Third Eye/ Brow or Ajna 

Location- Brow

Color- Indigo

Stones- lapis lazuli, opal, sodalite

Element- light

Aromatherapy- lavender

Privilege- To perceive

Enhances & Controls- lack of intuition, insight on the doors to perception, clairvoyance, connection to the spiritual realm

Ailment- sleep disorders, eye sight, nightmares, sinus issues, bi-polar disorder, migraines 

7th- Crown or Sahasrara

Location- Crown of head

Color- Violet

Stones- diamond, amethyst, clear quarts

Element- Thought

Aromatherapy- Jasmine

Privilege- To Know

Enhances & Controls- awareness, wisdom, mind stability, understanding, connection to the doors of perception, sum of all chakras 

Ailment- mental illness, learning disability, denial, mental block



Giving yourself the time you need to heal yourself would be the best gift you could give your loved ones, because you're important & you are the only one who can make the change in you. Making time for yourself is the key to a happy healthy future with all the love you can give to yourself-, this in fact shines through to those who you love.

Giving yourself time will give you the attention your body needs & has been showing you by making you worse than when you're the worst you have ever been, Spiraling down. It  literally makes you feel like you're out of control, lost & self-destructive. This self-destructive behavior only allows you to lean on a bad crutch or habit. Instead of releasing these energy's in the right way it's bottled up & masked with alcohol, drugs, anger, shopping, gambling, over eating, anxiety, depression, denial...

The good news is all it is, is built up energy that needs to be released, cleansed, focused on & better understand to maintain your healthy energy balance.

The choice is yours & yours alone, to maintain your healthy balance that lives in you. Making this choice is as easy as pushing this button below.

This is your first step to taking control all that makes up who you truly are in your sacred vessel.

My Healing Stones page to come in a few days

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