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Making time for yourself is the first step to a new stress free life style.
A  balanced & healthy journey to maintain y
our ultimate self.
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Before you go any farther on this site. Let me introduce Inspired by our Wellness. On the behalf of Inspired by our Wellness "Welcome & congratulations on Your first step into stress relief!" Just to give you an idea of what it's all about. The ultimate goal here is to make people aware of the healthy ways to maintain stress relief on a daily basis. We learn what our body needs as an individual & concur it for our ultimate "healthy" self.

When beginning any "healthy" life style changes, that your mind is willing to make. Recognizing this first step as progress can help give yourself the gratitude you need to step into the next set of baby steps moving forward.  Self recognition can make us feel better giving that appeal allowing the will power to keep moving froward with enough appeal, in fact to have more hope for a stress free tomorrow, and a brighter future. Thus forth, continuing to care for ourselves as a whole. Then in turn, being better capable caring for the ones we love with little to no stress keeping us free from guilt.

The ways we try to relieve stress on a daily basis are by stepping gently into things like Yoga, meditation, Nutrition, Awareness of what brings us joy, Ways to harness ,& create more, & more ways to relieve stress by understanding our selves better... All of these things we have intrests in can be explored as stress relief and has helped so many overcome some of life's most difficult challenges. Especially with stress relief, grief  & mental health in general. Connecting us a a whole to our wholeself.


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For Jennifer Rose (AKA J-Ro, the owner of I~boW) She over came her battle to things like extreme addictions to food (especially cheese & bread), losing all 58lb of baby weight, drinking alcohol all the time, being reckless after her loss of a child. Even after developing unconceivable mental trauma from losses, PTSD, and neurotic OCD issues... She is now, medication free for 10 years.

After years of Iyengar and Hatha Yoga practice, extensive studies on nutrition and over all mental health she realized it was a truly amazing path of relieving stress on a daily basis. She developed a skill in inspiring people to relieve stress too on a daily basis, through a balance of healthy means. She created this stress relief center specializing in mental and physical, self connections when relieving stress.

Her advice is; There is no cure for most of the ailments we try day by day to overcome before losing hope. It is an everyday struggle. All it takes is a few little baby steps in the right direction and someone to be there while you strive to thrive. This is why we are here.

When you realize everyone has their struggles and nobody's issues should be compared to another. It makes you feel less alone. The best thing someone can do for anyone is to inspire them in hope to help set them free. This is Inspired by our wellness' goal for you & everyone else putting their steps froward for their ultimate self.

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